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Bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services and their features!

Bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services and their features!

As a business owner, you must have often heard about bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation terms, but do you know their purpose and significance for your business? In this blog, you will understand their main objective and why they are essential for your business. Let's dig into them to get the comprehensive details:

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping refers to recording the financial transactions of the company regularly. To take an informed business decision, you must track all your financials efficiently. Otherwise, you will need help to determine the current financial position and the number of transactions that occur within the company.


  • Documentation of financial transactions from the company’s incorporation to the closing day
  • Analyse, review and predict for the upcoming fiscal year for better business growth
  • Maintaining bookkeeping allows you to get the better accounting solutions
  • Assets, equity, revenue, expense, liabilities and costs are the six main business parameters for every company

Accounting Services

Accounting is a process of recording financial transactions in journals in a particular manner to summarise them in profit & loss accounts and balance sheets. A different economic event needs to be indexed for better results.


  • Recording the business transaction methodically
  • Determining the financial position of the firm by assessing the profit and loss incurred in the company
  • Identifying the potential risk of fraud and errors
  • Evaluating the progress of the business yearly

Taxation Services

Taxation is a government fee levied on individuals and organisations to collect revenue and provide the best infrastructure facilities to citizens of the country. Hence, it is a complex subject matter that requires experts to help you. Moreover, if you fail to pay, the chances are you are at high risk of a penalty, predefined under the law.


  • Aim for equal distribution of income
  • Higher growth of the country
  • Raising funds for public services
  • Planning for better savings and investments


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